Jonathan Borofsky American, 1942


A sculptor, painter, and draughtsman, Jonathan Borofsky has explored subjects as varied as dreams, labor, and the boundaries between life and art. At the core of his practice is his ongoing seres, “Counting” (1969–), a serial project comprised of a stack of graph paper sheets on which the artist writes consecutive numbers (1 to well over 3,000,000 today) in pencil and ink. Intending to count from one to infinity, Borofsky initially counted for hours every day.


His 2740475 portfolio explores this interest in counting, using numbers and images to create the enigmatic series. "Each of these [works] is numbered in the print, indicating the order in which they were done.... the portfolio's title number is therefore the very next in sequence." (Tate Gallery, The Tate Gallery 1982-84: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London: 1986).