Geneviève Claisse French, 1935-2018


Geneviève Claisse explores pure abstraction and formal perfection through bold, geometric forms. The French artist’s pursuit of abstraction extended to energizing the two dimensional surface through movement and numerous shapes. Circles and triangles, persistent motifs in her work, are depicted as independent and overlapping forms altered by varied hues in simplistic compositions.


Her works are meticulously created, resulting in a delicate harmony of color and form. She purified forms and colors in a parallel investigation to the artists working in Optical Art and Kinetic Art. She studied at the École des Beaux-Arts and worked as an assistant to Auguste Herbin, her great uncle and founder of the Abstraction-Création group. Her artistic process was inspired by the Art d’Aujourd’hui, Tribune of Geometrical Abstraction magazine (via Artsy).