Patti Menkes Canadian


From her home bases in Toronto and Palm Beach, Patti Menkes creates clever collages that recontextualize elements of iconic art and design with graphic flair.


Using found images, her own photos, and drawings, she conjures an amalgam of worldly glamour infused with humour. Fashioned from torn pieces of paper, her densely layered collages mix beauty with bizarre and familiar with fanciful to create striking works rich with texture and vibrant colour. A close observer of the human condition, Menkes makes art statements that are both thought-provoking and visually rewarding.


Her original collages are made into museum-quality archival inkjet prints, which are signed and numbered in limited editions of 20. Her interest in juxtaposition is carried over into her sculptures, which feature organic and geometric forms stacked weightlessly on top of one another.

Art Fairs