Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart at Rukaj Gallery

Art Toronto Review
Polyna Alexeev, Art Toronto, May 15, 2024

"In this multi-media solo exhibition, titled Home: Between Worlds, artist Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart explores her heritage using contemporary elements and a fresh perspective. Through the practice of self-portraiture, Sage outlines her life of transition, tradition, and rituals through the eyes of her kin, particularly her grandparents. She focuses on their life in Ukraine and in rural Canada.


Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart’s exhibition is a beautiful tour along memory lane and a thoughtful trip between past and present. It is a homage to people who had to leave their countries, but however painful it was, they found a new land and built a home there, carrying their cultural and religious traditions with them, so they are at HOME again."